Gold Standard in Event Services

We give you everything you need to host
and manage successful IR calls, webinars,
HR announcements, town halls and other
large-scale meetings.

Need help with your next event?


Host Large Meetings

PGi gives you the ability to host events for up to 15,000 participants, from anywhere in the world. Meetings can be audio-only or audio and web.

The Complete Solution

PGi helps you before, during and after your event to ensure a successful outcome.  Services include web registration, training for speakers and a post conference report to track your results.

Expert Event Management

Veteran event managers will work closely with you to choose the best PGi solution for your specific needs and make your event a success.

Engage your Audience

Want to keep the attention of your audience? Features like real-time Q&A, feedback and polling sessions make PGi events a more engaging experience.